The Great Artesian Basin: past,
   present and future


Learn the story of the Great Artesian Basin—its historical significance, and the work that is being done to preserve it as a reliable and renewable resource for Queensland.

This audio CD-ROM, The Great Artesian Basin: past, present and future, presents an entertaining and informative journey describing the development and management of this precious resource.

It is narrated by Sally Nicol, and includes interviews, poems, sound recordings, and interesting anecdotes about one of Queensland’s most significant water resources.


Track 1


Introduction by narrator Sally Nicol—Geology and history of water use in the Great Artesian Basin


Interview with third-generation driller, Bill Bode—History of drilling in the area over the last 110 years


Interview with Andrew Brier, Manager, Great Artesian Basin Sustainability Initiative—Consequences of early, uncontrolled use; loss of pressure; beginning of bore capping


Interviews with station managers and landholders, Bob Young, Owen Stockwell, John and Joss Chandler; Minister for Natural Resources and Mines, Stephen Robertson; Paddy Mesner, Bindibango Trust—Benefits of bore capping and piping; working together


Poem—The Song of the Artesian Water


Interviews with grazier, Joss Chandler and Minister, Stephen Robertson—Pressures on resource; necessity to balance consumption and environmental needs


Interview with Randall Cox, Department of Natural Resources and Mines—Development of Great Artesian Basin Water Resource Plan


Interviews with Roderick Gilmour, Chair of the Community Reference Panel; grazier and irrigator, Bobbie Brazil, GAB Advisory Council and Community Reference Panel member; grazier, John Mayne—protection of mound springs


Poem—Great Artesian Basin, read by Bill MacDonald


Recommendation of the GABSI program and CD-ROM by Minister, Stephen Robertson.